Sophia Rose






Sophia Rose is a shibari performer/model, nude lady, cat lover and switchy masochist based in London. She has been enthralled by rope since 2014 and has been an integral part of Anatomie Studio’s blossoming and diverse community since it opened. Sophia regularly performs as a rope model both inside and outside the UK and is a seasoned rope bottom for workshops. She hopes to share and learn more about her passion for sexual empowerment, freedom of expression and love of exploring the different uses of rope with others.
I have always been interested in exploring my own sexuality and curious about societies attitudes towards what is “normal”. I had my first BDSM encounters when I was around 18 and first discovered shibari around the end of 2013, since then I have continuously discovered a whole new realm of pleasure, freedom and possibilities through my experiences in rope and SM. I am passionate about sex/kink education and believe exploring sexuality can be a deeply creative, inspirational and transformational experience.





CBT doesn't have to mean whips, chains and pain! It can also be a deeply sensual, intimate and pleasurable experience, playing with pressure, sensation and teasing.
In this workshop we will explore both ends of the spectrum, from gentle tease and denial, to more hardcore predicaments and intense sensation using a variety of easy to find materials and 'tools' - There will be demonstrations and practical hands on exercises/time for play - materials provided - come and explore what feels good for you!







Why does tying the feet often come as the last part of the tie? In this workshop we will explore the pleasure of foot bondage in its own right, playing with elements of pleasure and pain, pressure points, using the foot as your anchor, foot torture, and sadistic things to do to the feet with bottle caps, chopsticks, and pegs!