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The 2018 theme:



Concept 2018We always try our best to entertain you.
We invite you to go deeper.
xplore is about inspiration through provocation, about welcoming the so-called negative and transforming it.
This year we go for new challenges: Fear and shame, disgust, revulsion and ridiculousness - the dirty, the nasty, the messy and the silly.

We invite you to fail: To let go of ambition, to embrace your flaws and to laugh about your mistakes.

We hope you find empathy, resilience, resonance. And deep relaxation.

We invited many newcomers and no names, bold concepts, strange practices and experiences outside the usual. We wish for our audience to be curious and patient, generous and kind.

We believe Jay Wiseman is right: "A pervert is anybody kinkier than you are."

Welcome to our laboratory.

Felix Ruckert, Mai 2018




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Photo: ©2017 Shantel Liao