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Shadow specializes in projects and workshops focussed on presence, self-awareness and subtle interactions, based on the physical and energy principles of taijiquan, and our natural link to Nature. She works with energy, natural sounds, bodies and minds in open-minded and experimental ways.
She is the Artistic Director of the MASSAGE & BODYWORK EXCHANGE / SHIBARI LOUNGE / CAFÉ space.


YselYsel's domain is creative sensory exploration, and she uses approaches such as guided lucid dreaming, ericksonian hypnosis, shamanism, energy work, connecting to one's own animal nature and intuitive touch.

Her research has led her to experiment with the diverse techniques of transe, meta position, lockout, spontaneous sound and mouvement, synesthesia, rituals, daydreaming and nocturnal lucid dreaming, gender fluidity, etc. She also experiments with different means of connection (synchronization, « to see and to be seen », energies, sounds …) and various physical approaches, such as with and without moving in relation to the partner(s).




We will propose simple exercises based on the following principles:

- becoming fully conscious of one's own presence, as well as of the effects of a shared presence with a partner,
- experimenting and observing how the presence of a neutral 'witness' affects the interactions of the dyad, with and without physical contact.

For this exploration we will guide the you into a light naturally-induced modified state of consciousness. You will retain full awareness, ensuring boundaries and individual integrity are respected at all times.

We'll propose interactions such as moving and feeling one's movement, as well as the other's (when witnessing), using touch and breathing, possibly exploring spontaneous sounds, etc.

We'll then go more in depth into two main directions, and the workshop will be slightly different everyday, so that you can come every day if you like, and experiment with something different each time, with am emphasis on Grace, the chosen theme for this edition of xplore:

- a 'caring' perspective, by providing easy tools and techniques which can later be used freely within the Bodywork/Massage Exchange space during the whole duration of xplore.
- a 'play' perspective, by means of experimenting with consensual and intuitive physical stimulation to end the workshop on a climactic note. This may also inspire the participants to enjoy their xplore experience as a whole from an enhanced starting point.

every day >> at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm >> in the MASSAGE & BODYWORK EXCHANGE space




Drawing: © Shadow • Photos: © unknown