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Lucy is a singer, actress, writer and director. She writes scenarios and directs short films and theatre peices. With her band Blind&Lame she performs all over Germany. She has SMA and uses a wheelchair. Lucy is a big fan of black humor and irony. She lives for art and love. She has completed stage training and is also a trained speaker and singer. As a performer she played one of the leading roles in the musical"EXTAZE". Among other things, the role of the white swan princess in the abArt dance ensemble in an interpretation of Swan Lake followed. In 2017 Lucy performed"FUCKING DISABLED" in the theatre performance under the direction of David von Westphalen at the Pathos Theater Munich.

Pawel is a Polish dancer and performer, born in Poland in 1989, lives in Vienna and works in the context of dance, theatre and live art on the subject of Conscious Sexuality. Dance education at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. Already during his studies he danced in productions of the choreographer Rose Breuss and her company Cie.Off Verticality. Collaboration with choreographers such as Mor Shani, David Bloom, Alexander Gottfarb, Akemi Takeya, Georg Blaschke, Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla, Anna Réti and Ido Batash. In 2015 he started the performance project #onlyloveisreal with Laura Eva Meuris. onlyloveisreal is a long-term research project dedicated to the multidimensional aspects of love. They work together with various artists and explore the subject not only through movement, but also through sound and visual art.






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