Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve










Adam and Eve did not know that they were kinky until consuming the fruit from the knowledge of good and evil. Thanks to the serpent, they now fully live out their fantasies freed from the restrictive confines of the Garden of Eden. In this workshop they will talk about their thoughts and experiences surrounding this topic and invite you to share yours. Perhaps – if participants so desire - they will also invite you to try out some exercises.




Taboos surrounding scat delineate the time before and after we are taught to perceive what is taboo or disgusting. Crossing this line gives us access to the forbidden realm of witnessing an incredibly intimate act. Playing on the edge of our strongest taboos can be intense and deeply moving but it can also be joyous and absurd. We invite you to explore the unexpected ecstasy of experiencing the body’s secret insides or simply to revel in all that is perverse. This is an attempt to approach a very hidden, yet quite popular practice. We think it is worth giving it space at xplore. Obviously there is no obligation for participants to engage in anything practical. We are highly concerned with hygiene and safety, so any proposed exercise will mostly play with your mind and imagination.