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Molly Cph - I have explored my own sexual space, desires, personal dreams and wishes for the most part of my adult life; and more deliberately and consciously since 2012. I started teaching early 2016 in my base at the Kinbaku Lounge Copenhagen. At the moment I am taking the Sexological Bodywork certificate, and I look forward to teaching and learning much more. When I do workshops, and create sensual spaces, I feel enormously grateful and fulfilled, supplying adventures for other people. I have a specific focus on making people feel secure, curious, and of course having lots of sensuous fun. I hope to be a part of your adventure at Xplore. See you there!.






For sex, play and fixation
Discover the use of cling film for more than just wrapping your food. Wrap your lover tightly, play with the material and have a juicy hot session.

This workshop teaches you the basics of how to use cling film as an addition to your sex toy toolbox. Cling film is perfect for fixation, mummification, sensory deprivation, and even breath play. The material can be used for anything from a sensual soft experience to BDSM. We start with a demonstration, explaning the goes and no-goes, juicy tips and tricks for your session. The remainder of the workshop is for your play, in couples, alone or in smaller groups.If you don't have a partner, come anyway and we'll have a brief hook up session for the singles, if you like, after the demo.

Please bring a large towel and/or a yoga mat and a pair of scissors.














Join the concert
Be a part of this amazing concert, where we explore the sounds the body can create, and experience how sound and vibrations join together

How do you feel when you hear a spanking, when you hear moans and screams of pleasure? Imagine how you will feel when an entire room of people join in making sounds with their bodies. People making sound by moaning, a row of people slapping each other at the beat of a drum, a percussion of asses. We start with an explanation and a demonstration, you will be divided in different groups according to your preferences. If you do not want to physically engage with other people you are welcome, if you want to fuck your partner to a screaming ecstasy you are welcome. There is a place for everyone in the Xplore body sounds concert.