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Zahava Griss (Z) is a kinky, gender transcendent, dancer, coach and director of Do Good Things with Power, a leadership immersion for dance, sexuality, and kink facilitators! Z is currently touring a solo show, Waters of the Soul, organizing the dance and sexuality festival Touch & Play at Earthdance in the USA, and is a contributing author in Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries. Z has been dancing for 30 years and entered the kink community in 2008. Z has certifications in Urban Tantra, Yoga for Birth, Pilates, Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, Health Coaching, and is currently training at the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Z studied the sexual and spiritual arts of Sufi dancemeditation, Sexual Shamanism, BDSM, bioenergetics, and transformational group dynamics. Learn more at

ZigZag Master Panther is a debaucherous, pansexual, primal, sadistic, exhibitionistic, intimate, gender-bending, edge-exploring, libertine Relationship Autonomist who approaches sexuality and connection through the lens of an improvised dance. Ze is an organizer, educator, performer, and consent-content-creator at the Orgy Dome at Burning Man, the dance/kink fusion Touch & Play Festival, The Libertine Society (Ze’s home community), and many other radically sex positive spaces.

Z and ZigZag revel in an intimate dance punctuated with present connection, high momentum, bodily impact, rope harnesses, power play, and a disbelief in gravity. They met at the Touch and Play festival where they both lead workshops fusing contact improvisation, kink, and embodied sexuality. Unable to contain it, their passion and connection spirals delightfully outwards as they share their performances and facilitation across widespread communities. Their love has inspired new levels of erotic artistry where sex, dance, and creative expression become one.





How can we move each other? Through space…and into trustful abandon? Want to expand the creativity in your play? We’ll explore the freedom, presence, and subtle attunement in ourselves and our partner(s) when tracking our scenes through the lens of movement, improvisation, and sensual embodiment. We’ll play with warming up the body, breath, momentum, restricted sight, power exchange, and weight sharing as doorways to trust and courageous intimacy. Come with an intimate dance partner and/or willing to connect with others. Fly, fall with grace, and find new ways to companion each other in gravity.





How deeply can you love yourself? What do you remember about discovering pleasure in your body for the first time? What has evolved in your self intimacy over the years? What does it look and sound like if you eroticize your gratitude for being alive? If this eros could tell you one thing… what does it want you to know? This is a communal ritual of love and liberation with the one lover you will have your whole life, you.




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How we touch, the momentum we build, the story we tell… How can making a dance together reveal something about our truth and our intimacy to an audience? How do we reveal our intimate lives while holding awareness of the experience of the audience? How do we perform dances that contribute to our larger community? Come and learn to co-create a dance that’s juicy and interesting for everyone and that strengthens your presence with your dance partner(s). We will work with specific creative movement and story prompts designed to generate unexpected and courageous performance material. Some participants will have an opportunity to perform for the group. Come willing to partner with a new person or bring an intimate collaborator.





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