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Don Esteban - Even as a child I was fascinated by sexuality in all its forms. But for a long time it became difficult, shameful and partly hidden. Until I finally learned to stand by myself, not least through my second wife. In all facets and to love me for it. A journey of almost limitless lust in many forms began.
This way we also visited the Xplore in Berlin in 2010 and it was like a revelation for me. What Felix Ruckert brings together corresponds to my vision of a free, peaceful and lustful world. I am happy to do my part!.
I learned the art of "flogging" there with delta® as my teacher who taught us to wield the whip from the heart.
Since I know a lot about the energetics of humans, I soon realized how this fit to follow and thus enriched my sexuality. Making your partner sound like a Stradivarius is my passion.
With Maggie Tapert and her courageous work with women's groups I learned to take the responsibility and that we all actually want the same thing.
I learned Tantra and Anal Massage with Nangha, a very experienced and passionate teacher.
Bodywork has been my profession for 30 years, in my own practice.
In my sexuality I am very versatile and open.
Play like the children! "For only like children do we reach the kingdom of heaven"





A very intimate touch and a gateway to heaven.
Our most hidden and protected place the anus.
It’s where we feel our fears, where we hold back our true feelings.
It’s a direct access to the autonom nerval system and therefor most relaxing for the hole body.
It’s about total let go in a save environment.
To be the child again and heal.











It’s about touching the true nature of our being, at the right point and time, to help drop the mask.
A mostly wordless dialog of passion and dedication,
with a highly energetic aspect and contact.
It’s not only about the flogger, it’s your free hand as well.
Just like Yin and Yang.
Yang is moving, Yin is holding.
We will learn to distinguish the two, to be able to adapt to our partners state of being more easily.
Also the hands are the enlargement of the heart chakra, so flogging comes from the heart.








ANAL MASSAGE COMBINED WITH FLOGGING - together with Felix Ruckert"

In his third and fourth workshop at xplore Don Esteban will be assisted by Felix Ruckert. They will combine the practices of Anal (or Vaginal Massage) with flogging. Both practice are about opening, expansion and surrender. They provide empowerment by letting go of control. Very enlightening on both a physical and metaphysical level. Come and enjoy!

In this workshop we will play in trio constellations, one person being the protagonist that is flogged and massaged by two others. You can come to this workshop already as a trio, but you can also attend as a couple or single person. We will then ask you to form trios with other participants.

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