Pedro Aybar







Pedro Aybar - Over a decade ago, Pedro was initiated into an ancient tantric tradition that simply popped his cork. He has been on tantric skid-row ever since, constantly looking for ways to use and abuse this incredibly refined science.
His trip is the study of Life as a dance; the game of making every mundane moment extraordinary; the riddle of seeing beyond ideas of right or wrong; the joy of being one with It, with You, with Everything.
Pedro’s not-so-secret identity is the Captain Pipi Spielhand, of the Pirate Tantrics.





SHANK LOOSE THE SHIT (Intestinal Cleansing) NoImage

Shank: Flushing the Shit Out of your Body.
Loose the shit. Some old tantrics dug anal sex, but that’s not the only reason they invented Shank.
By clearing the fecal matter that usually stays in your intestines, you liberate energy for all of your body’s processes. The water comes in through your mouth and goes down all the pipes, till it leaves through your anus. It flushes everything it finds along the way.
IMPORTANT: You must come on a *completely empty stomach*, meaning also nothing to drink that morning. Don’t eat too heavy or too late the previous night.





"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”  —Rumi

Meeting with your lover… To fascinate the mind into experiencing higher awareness. To dance with delicate yet powerful energies. To Surrender. To Adore. To Unite.

There are countless variations of the Tantric sexual ritual. It is a process. It takes time… and certain abilities. Are you ready?

During this ritual, we will experiment with a short, modern version of the classical Maithuna. Bring a partner or come early to find partner there.

You may do it on a trio or also by yourself, as a Self-Love Ritual. You may do it with or without genital contact.

*** We will meet outside by the pond 20 mins. before the ritual to choose partners and get ready to enter the Sacred Space.  Come early specially if you would like to find partner.

*** Another possibility to find a partner will be during the Interactive Talk:  Not Your Parent’s Tantra.  There you will also receive important information about this Ritual.







Are you ready for a new Tantra?  Of course you are!

We bring  you a greater Tantra.  A Tantra that uses the whole life experience as the fuel for your transformation.  A visceral Tantra with face-paint rather than make-up.  A more playful Tantra, because who said anything has to be serious?  An imaginative and artistic Tantra, that doesn’t cling to old cultural traps and lets itself be touched by the postmodern age.

We bring you a new Tantra, but not the old New Tantra, rather a new old Tantra.

Come and experience the shape of things to come.

***  During this Interactive Talk we will offer extensive information about the Maithuna Ritual.  Your experience of the Ritual, later in the day, would be greatly enhanced by your presence here.