Andy & Saara








Andy and Saara are partners in life, love, and drooling. They both grew up in the Schwelle family. Once they made daddy Felix drool and safe word, marking the day the little monsters he created turned on him. In celebration of this moment, they decided to teach at Xplore.

Andy is a student of theatre, medical massage therapist, and rope lover, with a passion for rituals of trust and sacrifice.
Saara is a mathematician, former competitive ballroom dancer, and rope lover, addicted to attention-seeking and fostering absurdity.




A frame to (e)xplore drooling

At first I might resist,
creating a dam with my lips.
To hold my head up high,
feeling anxious inside.

Drip, drip, drip.
How shameful...
that I cannot keep myself together...
... that I partake in such ridiculous, improper behaviour.
That I can be so disgusting.

And they watch me, how embarrassing!
Will they see how I enjoy it?
The dripping.

Losing tension,
a release.
My dam becomes a waterfall.
The loss of control,
so freeing,
in my body, my groin.

Pouring myself on another,
gives me power,
gives me pleasure.
As they suffer,
as they moan.

Spit, agression,
a rush of adrenalin.
Look I'm a monster.
A sadistic alien,
covering you in me,
Claiming you for my own.

Oh snap out of it!
Observe them,
so primal, so degrading,
so vulnerable.
I'm honoured,
by their shame,
and arousal.

A liquid body bond.

This is a workshop about drooling that provides a frame for the participants to explore different situations for drooling. From drooling yourself and getting drooled on, to choreographing the drooling, and observing as a witness. Maybe you will find it erotic, or shameful. Perhaps empowering, or disgusting. Either way there is only one way to find out. Let it pour.