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Judith Anteil - I am a Self-Development and Creativity Coach working with individuals, couples, groups and organisations.
I work from a systemic somatic perspective identifying outdated mental, emotional and physical patterns. Using simple awareness practices these patterns can be released allowing space for new choices and expanded possibilities.
Self- Development: Supporting individuals to nurture and express their own unique potential.
Systemic: The understanding that all situations and solutions are co-created by the efficacy of contribution from each person's unique perspective
Somatic: The understanding that patterning on all levels may be held in the body as muscular tension leading to disease and imbalance.
Coaching:The model of empowering the client through the sharing of expertise rather than fixing or healing.




In this experiential workshop we will explore the energies of fear and disgust.

What drives us, and what paralyses us.

Fear can be defined as excitement with contraction. Disgust as attraction without movement.

Following the energy out of contraction, and into movement, we move into our edges. The space of eroticism. Between the known and the unknown. Allowing our fears and disgusts to take us deeper into our pleasure and desire.

We often confuse feelings of fear and disgust.

Both are experiences of aversion, of situations or people that we do not want to engage with, that we would prefer weren’t here.

But biologically Fear and Disgust are very different.

Fear raises the heart rate, taking us into fight or flight. Disgust lowers the heart rate leading us in the direction of closure, freeze.

Fear takes us in the direction of life. Disgust in the direction of death. Sort of. Try not to make any judgements here. Life and Death may not be opposite.

Out beyond ideas of rightness and wrongness
There is a space
I’ll meet you there
When we lie down in that grass
It is too full to talk about, even the words me and you seem to make no sense.