Line Bangsbo







Line Bangsbo, BangBang comes from the world of acroyoga, yoga and thai yoga massage. Her work focuses on creating spaces for people to explore the body-mind connection and finding more freedom in both.

A diverse background in bodywork, acrobatics, meditation, theatre, singing, stagework, and spaceholding has given her extensive experience of working with body-mind and accompanies her into the wild and exciting world of exploring sexual energy in many different forms.

Line believes that all practices striving towards freedom and comfort zone-expansion take an equal amount of daring and safety, and she offers both when she holds space for exploration that encompasses all aspects of physical practice, including sexuality and the polarities of domination and submission..





This morning workshop will offer you a practice to prepare for the day. The philosophy behind the class is to open your asshole in order to open your mind.
In this workshop we prove that yoga is not the a-sexual practice it likes to present it self to be, but that it can indeed awaken the sexual body. Working with internal as well as external stimulation this practice will help you connect to your sexual life force energy.
With some dirty hands on you will be assisted to go deeper in the ASanas and connect to body awareness.
While you are guided in your yoga class, our dirty hands on assistants will guide your body to open and stretch in places you were not aware could stretch.
Moola bandha can be more than internal..
No previous yoga experience is required, only the willingness to wiggle into downward dog, spread your legs in Prasarita Padottanasana and a commitment to lie still in Savasana, no matter what dirty hands will happen.
The class will leave you stretched, refreshed and opened for the rest of the day.







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