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Mara Morgen likes to urinate on bodies and mouths that appreciate body secretions. She has seen many human ejaculates, her own so far only in drops. As a somatic sex therapist, sexological bodyworker and trainer, holistic-sensual bodyworker and masseuse and kinky, tantric, switchy sexworker she accompanies people in differentiated spaces on different levels of their pleasure and meaningful being.
Mara is also performing in the playspace: School of Love

MatisMatís d'Arc is a cultural worker and lover of ropes, bdsm and games. Literary studies, contemporary music and dance theatre took him from Munich to Córdoba in Argentina and finally to Berlin where he has lived and worked since 2010. He discovered his passion for ropes and BDSM on excursions to the fetish and queer-kink scene and finally found his experiential home at schwelle7. Since then, he has been convinced that the conscious and practical examination of sexuality and bdsm is not only a lot of fun, but can also open up a special approach to one's own personality and a path to its development. His workshops - since 2016 mainly presented in Switzerland and Germany - want to explore this potential and to offer manyfold opportunities for experimental try outs and discoveries.





I remember
I imagine
The blooming capsule in growth
Let go
Human – humid – humility – fluid – fluidity
Questioning the body – the bodies' secrets and secretions
π π is releasing, powerful, erotic, messy, anarchic and archaic. π π is bittersweet, emotional, wet, juicy, stimulating, ecstatic, and fun.

Mara, her assistant Hanna, and Matís open a lustful space for all flowing liquids during the π π Ceremony.

π π is a ritualized happening that encourages the female* community in playful and lustful research, in mutual support and giving hold to each other, backing, and in collaboration and inspiration to collect, produce, share and release vaginal and urethral body fluids. Taoist practices and exercises for birth preparation empower this community. Vulva, clitoral body, G-spot-area, ovaries, vagina, urethra, cervix and bladder are celebrated as equal centers of pleasure and actors of holding and letting go.

A male* community may arise through tuning in to states of patient reception, permeability or possibly absorbtion and in the self-perception as a ritual vessel and fertile ground – so that the waters may pour out sensuously and lustfully to the Earth.

Mara and her assistant Hanna Blume will set a good example and flood the crowd with belly waters and with rivers of joy. Water donations and invitations to drink will be accepted from noon on the festival grounds. Drinking buddies can join in advance so that love can begin to flow.

For the female* community a certain fullness of the bladder or an interest in joyful squirting is advantageous for participation. In addition, huge amounts of water will be served on site. Of course, the ritual can be performed with partners of choice, but you are invited to open up to the group as well. Inexperienced and curious people are welcome to actively and passively let their doubts and fears be washed away.

Bringing a larger absorbent towel is highly recommended. Before the ceremony, we will inform you about health aspects and risks according to the principles of Risk Aware Consensual Kink.



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