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Anna is a journalist, reiki healer and editor. She was a writer and deputy editor at the Guardian for four years and is currently the editor of Sharon Blackie’s (author of If Women Rose Rooted and The Enchanted Life) The Hedge School, a place for connecting to myths, roots, and new journeys. Anna is exploring finding voice, embodiment and how writing can support healing.

JudithJudith Antell - I am a Self-Development and Creativity Coach working with individuals, couples, groups and organisations.
I work from a systemic somatic perspective identifying outdated mental, emotional and physical patterns. Using simple awareness practices these patterns can be released allowing space for new choices and expanded possibilities.
Self- Development: Supporting individuals to nurture and express their own unique potential.
Systemic: The understanding that all situations and solutions are co-created by the efficacy of contribution from each person's unique perspective
Somatic: The understanding that patterning on all levels may be held in the body as muscular tension leading to disease and imbalance.
Coaching:The model of empowering the client through the sharing of expertise rather than fixing or healing.





How can words add meaning to your erotic experiences, and erotic experiences add meaning to your words?

We are holding a workshop for you to explore how writing can bring more depth, connection and understanding to your sexual encounters, and to widen our concept of eroticism so that every day life has more energy and pleasure.

This workshop is for anyone with an interest in writing and how to live in a way that is more fully engaged and present in the world. Experienced and non-experienced writers welcome.







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