Ayzad - A journalist and author specializing in alternative sexualities, I study strange things to explain everyday life.

I wrote a few best-selling books including BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism and XXX – The Dictionary of Unusual Sex, and I like to help people feel better through my writing, personal coaching and lots of other activities.





ELECTRO PLAYAyzad electro

Electricity is life itself: it is fascinating, stimulating, exciting, titillating, (not necessarily) painful, spectacular and – if you don’t know what you are doing – potentially lethal. Since you cannot resist it, you’d better learn how to make this powerful force behave according to your will.

(Safety basics, Electrostimulators, Sensual play, BDSM play, Electrostatic devices)




Ayzad bullwhip










Singletail whips are the very symbol of BDSM, but they are no joke as they can easily inflict deep and serious wounds unless knowledgeably used. This is where you gain that knowledge – so please bring your own snake, bull, stock, signal or whatever-whip with you if you want to practice besides learning theory.

(Whip anatomy, The 3 basic throws, Safe target areas, Sensual whipping, Painplay, Managing marks)



FRI: DEMO and conversation

SAT: Practical exercises for a limited number of participants.  Please arrive in time!











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