Matís d'Arc is a cultural worker and lover of ropes, bdsm and games. Literary studies, contemporary music and dance theatre took him from Munich to Córdoba in Argentina and finally to Berlin where he has lived and worked since 2010. He discovered his passion for ropes and BDSM on excursions to the fetish and queer-kink scene and finally found his experiential home at Schwelle7. Since then, he has been convinced that the conscious and practical examination of sexuality and bdsm is not only a lot of fun, but can also open up a special approach to one's own personality and a path to its development. His workshops - since 2016 mainly presented in Switzerland and Germany - want to explore this potential and to offer manyfold opportunities for experimental try outs and discoveries.





Silliness is actually as easy as child's play, but it can present adults with great challenges. Conventional behavioural patterns, the idea of how one wants to be or should be, expectations of oneself and others - to leave all this behind and simply do completely foolish things seems to overstep the boundaries of the self and the orderly everyday life. But if we lose ourselves in exuberant play, we can experience an ease in letting go and an abundance in courage, which leaves us open, amused and astonished.

In this workshop we use silliness as a strategy for boundless fantasy. We discover how much fun and productive it can be when we share the unconventional and absurd with others. We expand our perception not only by remembering the original playfulness and curious spirit of discovery from childhood, but also in the attempt to leave humanity behind us when we deal, for example, with roleplay like Pet Play. Or have you always wanted to be a thermometer? Or a blizzard? Here you can find out what others think of that. We talk silly, move silly, dress sillly, touch silly - nothing is spared. Thus we go through benevolent metamorphoses and group processes. Through the path of the unreasonable and purposeless we arrive in our bodies, by no longer having to take ourselves so seriously, all kinds of inhibitions are eased. From the creative chaos as experimenters, we discover new orders and strange encounters, which touch us even more in their spunness.



Photos: © Roman Hagenbrock