Liesl & Anna











Liesl is a sculptress and a furniture-trainer. She believes that four factors are extremely important for how we experience ourselves and the world. Our past, where we come from, our expectation, how we think the world is, our motivation, what drives us, and our attention, where our experience is directed in any moment. Changing one of those four can completely change our reality. What happens if we change our expectation concerning the shape of the clitoris?

Anna for a long time, has had a clitoris. She wanks as long as she can think. She works with her head, heart and hands. She is very happy to do the workshop.





Your clitoris is probably huge. No matter your gender.

Even if you think that you don't have a clit, maybe there is a hidden one or some leftovers from the past or the future.

She is probably huge and gigantic. But where is she exactly located? How does she look like? Where does she swell to? How does she move?

What happens if we create a space in which all our clits feel free to show up and to express themselves? What if you meet your clit, her feelings, her past, her wishes for the future, her needs, her desires, her phantasies and her personality? Her personalities?

How does she feel? What could make her feel good? What happens if we play with her? If we make her visible? If we make her audible? If we make her/them perceivable, observable, sensible? If she meets other clits?

First you are going to hear about her anatomy and history, then you may re-enact her, sens her, meet her, crawl into her and ...

Possibble with clothes on and no obligation to fumble.










Sculpture: © Liesl Berger